I wish people would stop complaining about US Customs and Border Protection.  Keeping our borders safe is always a hot-button political issue, but I think we should all be able to sleep better tonight, knowing that agents are working around the clock, keeping our country safe and free of foreign bologna – for our children and our children’s children.

You heard me.

According to the Associated Press (and a mention on the CBP website), agents of the US Customs and Border Protection made an historic bust along the border near Santa Teresa, NM yesterday – seizing a whopping 385 pounds (nearly a fifth of a ton!) of contraband bologna, which the perp attempted to smuggle across the border by hiding it behind the front seat of his pickup truck.  Just take  a look at the stash:

I love the fact that they neatly stacked the bologna and carefully placed the agency logo in front before taking the photo.

Bologna is a restricted item, and is not allowed into the US because it’s made of pork and has the potential to introduce foreign animal diseases into the U.S. pork industry.  Thankfully, agents were able to sniff out the offending forcemeat, and destroy it before any harm was done.  The 33-year-old Mexican man who was transporting the meat was fined $1,000 fine and released.

Officials say it was the largest bologna bust ever recorded at the Santa Teresa crossing.

God Bless the pork industry, and God Bless the United States of America.

Which reminds me: do you prefer the spelling “bologna” or “baloney”?