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Schenectady is Brewing Again!

June 2, 2011

Just got back from the Grand Opening of the Mad Jack Brewing Company at the Van Dyck Restaurant in Schenectady – what a great time!

Mad Jack Brewing has been in the works for a while now, and the McDonald family finally held the celebration we’ve all been waiting for.  Tonight they debuted nine beers on tap, showed off the shiny brewing facilities, and allowed folks to experience the atmosphere of the Van Dyck.  Beer samples were passed around, and I got to taste 4 of them before I had to head home (lager, pale ale, brown ale, stout).  There were also some appetizer samples from their new menu – yum!

I ran into some old friends, and hung out the crew from Brayton Graphics, the geniuses behind Mad Jack’s marketing.

Photos after the jump.

The brewery, out back

Mad Jack Brewing poster on the patio, complete with wicked cool QR code.

Some of the crowd inside, enjoying beer & apps

The scene at the Van Dyck bar...

The dainty lads of Brayton Graphics

Congratulations to the McDonald family on creating another great destination for fun in Schenectady. I hope to feature them, the restaurant, and their brewmaster in an upcoming podcast episode. Like I need an excuse to go back.

And, if you’re reading this before 9:00pm on Thursday, June 2: there’s still time to get over there and enjoy the grand opening festivities!

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  1. Dick Shave permalink
    June 6, 2011 6:52 pm

    I was an attendee at the auction of the Old Van Dyke. What a day, what a mess, what a crowd! Jeff, having bought the property an hour before, didn’t know whether or not he had the financial ammunition left to get the brewing equipment too. There was a telephone bidder – it got tense. He won. The rest is Schenectady History – in an upward direction.

    I gotta get down there again…

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