picture at http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com

Washington DC’s City Paper reports that a neighborhood in the District finally has what the rest of the free world has – a cupcake bakery. But this one has a twist.  Olivia’s Cupcakes (located at 2318 Minnesota Ave. SE) has installed a sheet of bulletproof glass between the customers and the cupcakes. From what I understand, the neighborhood is a little rough, and the glass was installed to protect employees from robberies. Says owner Cindy Bullock:

“I have owned several businesses in this area and we have been robbed several times. We wanted to make [the shop] elegant and beautiful, but because of the teenagers and having my children here we wanted to protect them.”

I applaud people for trying to improve their neighborhood, and I do not condone violence. Not even against cupcakes. (Though their website makes me a bit stabby).

Sarah, I don’t want to go here when I visit, ok?