I have no idea if there will be more to this series, but the title sounded good.

Anyway, I made reference to my friend Angelos in my recent post about Greek food – sort of asking for his help in pronouncing avgolémono (as in the soup my friend David ate). My “ask” consisted of a link to his website, which I never actually mentioned to him.

So, if you too were also wondering how to pronounce it, here’s his response (warning: at the end there’s a smart-ass comment directed at me, for those of you offended by such things):

Angelos himself owns and operates a blog, focusing on food, beer, booze, and other topics. It’s relatively new, so get over there and read his stuff. He’s a pretty entertaining guy, even when sober.

Interesting fact about me: when I was a kid, I sort of taught myself a little bit of Greek. I spent hours poring over the “Greek” entry in my parents’ antiquated (1965) Encyclopedia Britannica, and learned the Greek alphabet, as well as some Greek words. Over the years, the knowledge that I gained from that exploration has helped me a great deal, especially in spelling, etymology, and mathematics. I’m totally serious. I am a nerd from WAY back. Just yesterday I encountered a Δ.