Well, southeast of Cleveland. But I’m here. Last Wednesday, I piled the two stinky dogs in the car (along with my clothes and necessary kitchen supplies) and made the 11-hour drive from Clifton Park to Ohio, with a short southern detour to Middletown to say goodbye to my family.

It was actually not a bad trip – drove the entire length of Pennsylvania, which is actually quite picturesque. Aroundabout Williamsport PA the skies opened up, and I stopped for a bit a a rest area in Snow Shoe to…well, to rest. After a quick spin around the grassy area, the dogs and I were all soaked to the bone. That was the only unpleasantness we experienced that day. The rest of the time I listened to NPR, the dogs slept, and I watched as the patchy dense fog rose in majestic columns from the verdant Appalachian Mountains. Really pretty country.

598.1 miles later, I arrived at the apartment, where we’ll be living for the next two months or so while our new house is being built. I am beyond excited about our new house. So much so that I plan to document the experience here, mostly so my mom can see what’s going on. But also for posterity. And you, Gentle Reader.

My first few days here have been spent unpacking, buying food, stocking up on household supplies, telling the dogs to stop barking, and generally de-bachelorifying the apartment.

The apartment complex is great, and very pet-friendly. A few other people in our building have dogs (which Bella and Quincy barkedly remind us about quite frequently), and every building has a grassy area at the end, complete with a poop-disposal station (including a poop bag dispenser!). There are even several fire hydrants to entertain the pooches. It’s a nice place.

So many things to look forward to over the next few months. But I’ll start with tomorrow, when we have our initial meeting with our house’s project manager. Time for Mad Men, so good night.