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Homebuilding, Day 0: Pre-Construction Meeting

May 14, 2013

Bob and I met with our home building project manager yesterday, to go over the plans for our new home construction. He talked us through the topographical drawings and the floor plans, discussed our fixture and appliance selections, and walked us out to our building plot to see the actual property lines. Pretty exciting stuff!

So far, our experience with Ryan Homes has been absolutely terrific and pleasant, though we had one teeny-tiny glitch: since Bob and I were in different locations during the selection process, it was difficult for us to know exactly what we were choosing for carpeting, flooring, and appliances. I was relying on model numbers, proprietary product names, and grainy photo texts to make our selections. For the most part, everything worked out fine – except the stove. I thought we had selected a stove similar to the one we had in our old house – a ceramic-top electric. Turns out we ordered a coil-burner electric, and our decisions were final – no changes allowed at this point. I was pretty upset, and felt bad about how vocal I was about my displeasure. Bob and I decided to let it go, and maybe buy the one we really wanted later on. It wasn’t ideal, but we could live with it. Heck, we had to give up my beloved refrigerator just to sell the house (a post for another time), so this wasn’t going to be a deal-breaker.

Today, I got a phone call from the sales rep, who told me she was able to pull some strings and get me the stove I wanted. Yippee!

Anyway, here are some photos of our little piece of Ohio – we should be breaking ground within a week or so (waiting for permits from the city and some other things):

A pile of dirt.

A pile of dirt.

Our property, staked out

Our property, staked out

Our plot, and our project manager Mike

Our plot, and our project manager Mike

A view of our across-the-street neighbor's house

A view of our across-the-street neighbor’s house

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