This blog needs a refresh. I’ve even bored myself. So much so, that I don’t even feel inspired to write much anymore. But, if I really want to fulfill my dream of creating a media empire, I’m gonna need to create some content.

So, I think I’m going to take a bit of left turn (actually, more like a slight left) and not focus exclusively on food. Eight years of that is plenty. I’ve decided to try writing about consuming. Which, really, can mean just about anything. I’m now free to just talk about what’s interesting to me at the moment. You know, what I’m consuming. Just a snapshot, not a deep dive.

Here’s my first installment. I’d love your input on what I should be consuming next. Just don’t say salted caramel bacon, because that shit ain’t happening.


  • Too Beautiful to Live. I consume this one five days a week, but it’s my fave, so I wanted to share it all with you. Never heard of it? Well, you better set aside some time, because there’s a backlog of about 2010 episodes you need to hear to get caught up. I’m not kidding.
  • Limetown. Can’t decide if I like it or hate it, but I have listened to all 7+ episodes (final ep just dropped today, 12/14). The story is kinda interesting, I like that there’s a mystery lurking in there, but I get very turned off by the lousy voice acting. Especially the lead who plays Lia. She’s just so….act-y. Full disclosure: I am usually not a fan of female voices on radio and podcasts these days. I am a trained and experienced broadcaster, and I  was taught how to have a pleasing voice. I get so cranky when I hear all that vocal fry. Just call me Bob Garfield.
  • I listen to approximately 27 other podcasts, but if I listed them all here, you’d be bored.
  • Oh, one more: Awesome Etiquette. From the folks at the Emily Post Institute. All your manner needs in one convenient place. Helps you stop being rude, you inconsiderate a**hole.


  • So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. If you follow social media AT ALL, you should definitely check this one out. Ronson follows up on such famous socially shamed names as Justine Sacco, Lindsay Stone, and Jonah Lehrer. He also gets into the psychology on both ends of the social shaming equation. Fascinating stuff. And a very quick read!
  • Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella. I’m not sure why I publicly admitted that. I’m sorry.


  • Yes, I watch The Big Bang Theory. And yes, I love it. I don’t care what you think.
  • I’ve been re-watching the entire series of Arrested Development. I am still mad at America for being too stupid to recognize its brilliance and allowing it to get canceled after only 3 seasons. I remember exactly where I was when I watched the very first episode and fell in love with its clever writing and rapid-fire pile-on of jokes. And I’ve been in love with Jason Bateman since his star turn in that 80’s classic It’s Your Move (let’s be honest: he was underutilized in Silver Spoons). He still makes me swoon, though Michael Bluth was not my favorite AD character: sit back and enjoy some Buster Bluth, you old horny slut:


Well, I’m firmly on the vegetarian wagon (about 4 months now I think), and I’ve also been dabbling in some occasional veganism. I can’t commit to veganism completely, though, because of one thing: pizza. Sorry vegans. But, at least no animals are being killed so that I can eat. Milked, yes. Killed, no.

Here are a couple of the tasty things I’ve been making and eating lately:

<heart just stopped>