…and my daily routine hasn’t changed all that much. I get the distinct feeling that I’m in the minority here. Since I don’t have kids, I don’t have to attend concerts, pageants, photo sessions with Santa, or any of that other garbage traditional holiday fun.

So, I just get to do more of mostly the same crap I do every other week of the year. Yes, I had to do some Christmas shopping because I’m not a complete and total loser with no one who loves me, but most of my Christmas consumption was of the online variety or at stores I was shopping at anyway. The biggest hassle I had was having to go to the post office twice last Friday to get everything in the mail on time.

So, what have I been up to?

  • Eating at Chipotle. I was more than pleasantly surprised at sofritas on the menu. Damn, that was a tasty burrito bowl. While it is certainly getting easier for vegetarians, sometimes it’s still difficult to find decent fast- and fast-casual food that does not contain meat products. Restaurants are definitely getting hipper to weirdos like me, but catching a quick snack while “on the run” (I freaking HATE that phrase, so I’m using it ironically here) is still almost impossible (are those words supposed to be capitalized?). One can only eat so many Veggie Delite subs at Subway before going insane. I’m hoping McDonald’s really stopped cooking their French Fries in beef tallow because I caved and got some last weekend while I was out shopping. And if you’re wondering about Chipotle, I’m feeling fine. Y’all can go back and get your carnitas again.
  •  Christmas baking. I dragged out a couple old recipes (here and here) and made them for my friends at work. It was so nice to watch them enjoying the fruits of my labor. Baking is my favorite thing to do, and I just don’t do it as much as I’d like. Mostly because I’d eat too much of the finished product. I’ve recently realized that most baked goods are vegetarian, so…that’s dangerous.
  • Cooking onions in a slow cooker. This is probably my greatest discovery in years. All you need is about 4 pounds of onions, a tablespoon of oil, a slow cooker, and ten hours. Basically: slice the onions into halfmoons, dump into slow cooker, pour in oil and toss to coat, and turn cooker on low for 10 hours. BOOM. Caramelized onions with no stirring. I almost fell over when I woke up Sunday morning to a giant pile of caramelized onions. I am going to put them in literally everything this week, and then put the remainder in the freezer for later. SERIOUSLY. DO IT. Here’s a good guide if you need more instruction.
  • Christmas shopping for my husband. The annual ritual of what to buy the man who wants nothing (including Christmas). I think I got something good this time, but we’ll see.


  • Finally getting a real professional headshot done. Thanks, Kim! You took a really nice photo of me. If you live in Northeast Ohio and need a good (and fun) photographer, give my friend Kim a call. She’s great! I’ll share the photo once it’s all touched up and stuff.
  • Shaking my damn head at ridiculous entitled college students. Some students at Oberlin College in Ohio are complaining that their dining hall is serving “culturally appropriative” and “insensitive” food. Because the bánh mi sandwich was served on ciabatta instead of French baguette. And because the sushi rice was undercooked. SUSHI RICE? When I was in college, we LIVED for the nights they served chicken patties. Seriously, STFU you brats.Go volunteer at a soup kitchen and see if those people complain about authenticity.

Ok, enough complaining! It’s Christmas week, for crying out loud. Go enjoy your family, eat too many cookies, and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and a Happy New Year.