list-147904_1280The podcast is going to post a little late today (probably closer to 9pm). Sorry about that – life got in the way yesterday. In the meantime, I thought I’d share my list from last week’s episode, about what Living the Weight Watchers Lifestyle looks like to me:
To me, living the Weight Watchers lifestyle means:
  • Planning weekly menus in advance
  • Prepping and tracking food for the next day
  • Cooking dinner most every night
  • Exercising regularly
  • Having healthy snacks on hand and ready to go
  • Being a good example to others
  • Considering every choice and asking myself what will help me reach my goal
  • Tracking everything I eat – honestly
  • Weighing and measuring to keep portions from getting out of control
  • Allowing myself occasional indulgences – keep it interesting!
  • Making time for myself regularly
  • Drinking enough water to keep my body hydrated
  • Reviewing my WW materials regularly – for ideas & tips
  • Going to my WW meeting every week
  • Reminding myself everyday of my WHY
  • Posting and sharing more on the WW Connect app when I need support or motivation

Weight Watchers has changed the way I eat, and has also changed the way I think, and it has totally transformed my life. And It can do that for you, too! Just believe it!