I’m Wendy, and I recently lost 48.5 pounds and reached my goal weight using the Weight Watchers program and I’m currently working my way through maintenance on the road to becoming a lifetime member. I’m sharing my journey with you, to help you on yours.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How my fourth week on Weight Watchers Maintenance went
  • WW tools to help you along your journey
  • Tips for managing Freestyle when you’re out to eat
  • Why you should try new things
  • The new thing I tried that literally changed my life
  • A great low-SmartPoints recipe that might help you try something new!

Don’t forget: share your story with me by sending an email to me at wendaliciousradio@gmail.com. I’ll read it on the air!

We’re all in it together.

Let’s do this.

Special thanks to my friends Matt and Karl, and their band Pinnacle, for the theme music.


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On my way to BOOM! class for the first time. Gotta lose those bat wings! Sorry about my weird eyes – I wasn’t sure where to look!